How to connect a macbook pro with altar cast of samsung?

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How to connect a macbook pro with altar cast of samsung?. Are You mister or misses has that kind of uncertainty?, If do then plz read the best solution right after this line:\r\n

I would to mirror my macbook pro to a samsung tv but i have to launch allshare cast to do so, so HELP!!


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You can connect your Samsung Galaxy S3 on your Macbook Air by installing the Samsung KIES. The KIES is a free software for Samsung that especially designed to connect and sync any Samsung device for your Macbook. You can download KIES from this link:

Before you download and install KIES on your Macbook Air make sure that meet the KIES requirements:

* MacOS X version 10.5 OS.
* 1.8GHz Intel CPU
* 512MB of RAM
* At least 100MB hard drive space.


No, you cannot connect your dell laptop on your tv by using allshare cast. The only way you can connect your laptop to your TV is by using HDMI cable or VGA cable. You can buy those on amazon and the price is really cheap.


If you are connected to a bluetooth headset, it may disconnect you from allshare… I`m having this problem myself. Also, check to see if you have a weak connection to other wifi routers as this may interfere with your allshare connection also I think..


You should install the driver of your phone to your laptop. the driver comes from the package of your phone. this you will connect via bluetooth or usb cable.


Hi. The answer that you are looking for is the word SERVICE. If its not the right word please come back and ill gladly help you.


You would need either a chromecast (about $40) or a Thunderbolt connector and a TB-HDMI adaptor, if those even exist.


Actually it dosn`t work on a tv only on areally good pc.


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