How to connect my music from my phone to vizio tv?

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How to connect my music from my phone to vizio tv?. Do You Mrs or Mr own that kind of concern?, If yes then please found the best feedback right after this line:\r\n

I cant find an aux input to connect to my tv


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I can`t believe how many people have not actually read or understood the question, but felt they should answer, anyway.
A Vizio TV does NOT contain the Windows Operating system, therefore, there is no device manager, compatible drivers, etc.

Vizio TV`s are not capable of downloading drivers, so a store-bought Web cam is most likely not going to work. You have to buy a camera that is meant specifically for Vizio TV`s, the software is included on the camera itself.



you can connect that using a USB or a HDMI cable that fits the port in your TV. You can even have it connected via bluetooth only if both your device have a bluetooth.


Sadly, Kindle Fire don`t have any audio/video interface to transfer its display into the TV and I`m not sure if it has Mass Storage mode so you can play music via USB.


How do I set up my Sprint Galaxy 4 to my TV to my Vizio HDTV so I can watch videos I have taken?


U need a mhl adapter sold at walmart for 15 dollars.