How to connect my pc broadband connection on samsung galaxy grand duos?

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How to connect my pc broadband connection on samsung galaxy grand duos?. Are You misses or mister has that kind of inquiry?, If do then plz check the good tips below:

Answers for this question:

You need to download Samsung Kies from the phone manufacturer to connect your phone to PC.

Here`s the link where you can download:

This Samsung Kies will help you to manage your phones content(Backup and restore) and to share internet via USB.

Here`s how to share internet via USB:

1. Download the program from the link given above then install to your computer.

2. Go to your phone`s applications and tap settings

3. Go to More options and tap mobile networks and check the box for Enable Packet Data

4. Connect your phone to your computer with a USB then go back to more options

5. Tap on tethering and hotspot then enable tethering via USB.

6. Check the LAN icon(Computer icon) on the bottom right side near the time and wait till it says connected.

Here`s how to backup your phone data:

1. Connect your phone to a computer

2. Launch the program(Samsung Kies)

3. Click on the Backup/restore

4. Select any content you want to backup or select all then click backup

5. Click complete.

Here`s how to restore you back up data:

1. Connect the phone with USB

2. Launch the Samsung kies

3. Click backup and restore then click Restore data

4. Select the back up file you made recently

5. Mark the content you want to restore on your phone

6. click complete

Go to your phone and check all application if you have restored the file correctly. Do the same steps if you want to back up and restore.


To be able to connect your usb in your Samsung galaxy grand neo duos, you will need an OTG dongle.
OTG dongle looks like this.

This OTG dongle is used as your cable adapter for your USB device. It is the connector being used to get connected a USB flash drive or pen drive in your device.

But not all Samsung Phones can do to read the USB drive in their phones. All I know is that, Samsung S3, s4, Note, Note2, Note3 and the future S5 will allow to read the USB driver. But the phones below in that following said unit, is cannot be due to the battery percentage that is cannot be supported to read storages from the USB connections. SO it depends on the phone. We cannot say it unless we can do have proof. So it`s your choice to make it to test. If it will work then it`s okay. If not then you cannot please your phone to read this USB.


Connect to your home Wi-Fi network. This can be done by entering the Settings menu in the bottom right corner of the screen. You can tap the Wi-Fi icon to enable it, or if you have to put a password in, open the Settings menu. From there you will need to go into the Wi-Fi settings menu to locate your network ID and type in the password to connect.
Download and install Samsung Kies if you do not already have it on your computer.
1: Open the Settings menu and make sure you are looking at the Wireless and networks tab.
2: Press on Kies via Wi-Fi and wait for the network window to pop up.
3: Pick your computer
4: Accept the connection request that pops up on your computer.
5: Drag and drop your media to its corresponding folder in the top menu–the folders under the device name.


This can be due to various options.

Option 1
Wi fi connectivity has a priority over mobile network data. So, if you are connected to a wi fi network, then it will not use mobile data even if it is turned on.

Option 2
Make sure you have turned ON the data usage for your SIM in network settings.

Option 3
Make sure you have installed the internet settings provided by your mobile operator. You can call customer care and ask them to send the settings via sms.


I think you dont need a router to check on with this issue with the connection. try calling hathway support to check with your connection issues.

first, try to reset your hathway broadband by turning it off.
check if for the connection,.
if still got the same issue. Here`s hathway support number 011 – 66471188.


You can try my instructions:
Go into Settings, then apps, then All, click on Google Play Store. Then: Clear cache, Force stop, restart Google Play and retry
Go into Settings, then Accounts and Sync, Click on your account, then on options icon, Remove account (ignore warnings – it`s easy to restore)
Restart Google Play. It will ask you to add an account – add your original back in.


Hi good day, SSID means the name of the wireless network that you are trying to connect to, and SSID code means the password to connect to SSID which is the name of the network, before trying to connect make sure that you know the code or the password of the SSID that you are trying to connect to.



Yes, it is possible to connect to the network from your broadband to your Samsung Galaxy S Duos. You only need a WiFi router to be connected to your broadband. So, you will be able to connect your device, just turn on its WiFi. I recommend this because, I connect to the net using the same method at home.


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