How to Create Apple id Account Without Credit Card Number Payment

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create apple id without credit card

How to Create Apple id Account Without Credit Card Number Payment on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch –, When you turn on your iOS device for the first time, you can also create an Apple ID. Unfortunately, you must then enter any form of payment means, but there are other ways to create an Apple ID and thus avoid having to enter a creadit card number for payment. Below I discuss how to do it on your iPhone. The steps are the same on the iPad and iPod Touch, so the guide can be used there.

Guide on how to create an apple id account without credit card number on a Mac or PC, you can find HERE.

create apple id without credit card

Create an account on iPhone

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1. Open the App Store on your iPhone and search for a free app.

2. Important! Now you need to choose a free app to download and install. You do not choose wisely because it need not be an app you want to install. You choose a free app for the need to log in with your Apple ID to “buy”, but you can also create an Apple ID from the window that opens up.

3. Tap Create new Apple ID.

4. If it is not in US you should select the other country and then tap Done.

5. You will now conditions for the iTunes Store, you must read and agree. Press Accept at the bottom of the page to continue and confirm.

6. You are now on the page, enter information about Apple ID. Here you enter your email address, create your password, fill in the security information and date of birth. You must be 13 years or older to create an Apple ID, which you may have in mind if you create an Apple ID for your children. You can also enter an alternate email address, if problems should occur with your standard.

7. You can also enter an email address for emergencies and it can be good to do if you frequently change your email address or have a specific address for your Apple ID. It is easy to forget your password. Read more about the E-mail address in case of emergency.

8. Are you satisfied with the information you provided and it is correct, click Next.

9. Select None as the payment method.

10. Then fill in the required fields name, address and telephone number. Press Next.

11. Next, a dialog box prompting you to confirm the account. Press the clear and an e-mail message with a confirmation from the iTunes Store.

12. Open the message and activate your account by clicking Verify Now>.

13. After clicking the link, you will be asked to log in with your account name (your email address) and password (the one you chose at the start of the registration).

14. You now get a confirmation that your email address is confirmed and you can now start using the Apple ID to download free materials from the App Store.

15. Done

We hope that those steps on how to create apple id without credit card payment woukd be useful for you. Lft your comment below.

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