How to Create Application Folder on Your iPad iOS4.2

By On Wednesday, February 28th, 2018 Categories : iPad

After multitasking, another innovation that I like in iOS4.2 is creating application folders, it makes a great space saving iPad screen, you can make them according to themes, applications. let it you best come to conserve space and have more organized the screen of your iPad, the mechanism is the same that appeared to iOS4.0 on the iPhone , as outlined below for the iPad.

To create a folder on the iPad the first thing you need to know is what ipad applications you want to introduce, once decided, click on the icon of one of them, begin to tremble all, now you have to drag one into which you want it the folder, just the screen of your iPad will change and will remain as in the picture below.

You can put the folder name, for it put the name field blank if you put more applications to this folder, click the Start button and repute action, clicking on the icons until you shake, but now I have a folder where add, is where you need to drag ipad applications.

To access the iPad Applications folder, you just have to click on it and display a window where you can see all it contains, click on the icon you want to use.