How to delete E-mail App – I need to update my work e-mail over my Huawei mob. but it does not accept the new Password & doesn`t want to be delete

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How to delete E-mail App – I need to update my work e-mail over my Huawei mob. but it does not accept the new Password & doesn`t want to be delete. Do You Mr or Mrs has that kind of query?, If yes then plz get the good soution right after below:

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If you done sent the email into the recipient, you cannot be able to do to delete it. You can delete your own sent email, but when it is already sent, the recipient will be the only one who can delete this email coming from you. Now, if you have the access in the email of others who was is the recipient, you can be able to open it then delete it. But if you don`t have and you didn`t know their email, there is no way now but they can be able to see your sent email. Email privacy is very important. Once you do anything in email, for example wrong send of an email, the recipient will be the only the one who can manage it`s email. Now, when this thing is very important, go create new email then sent it again to the recipient that it has only wrong sent email. Get a follow up email for this sent email.


Touch the star button in the phone. put 61 after the star. Touch the star again. Choose Send. Input the number 1 and input the number on the voicemail box. Touch the star once more. Input the quantity. The number would be in seconds and indicate the number of rings. The number could be modified. the number of rings could be up to 30 seconds. Touch the pound key.


Go to the app manager on your ipad. select yahoo app and clear all data. Go back to yahoo app on your ipad and try logging in with your new details. If unistall the yahoo app on your.

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Note the time when you have sent the message – give him a call and say there is a viral threat and to delete all the messages arrived at the time.


Please explain further !. OK.. Now, so getting back to my questions. 1. Can he see me on chat after I have deleted him?


You most likely might need to contact your company. something similar happened to my boyfriend.


I both to delete it push delete and click on what u want to delete.


Go to the settings type in voicemail and click delete.


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