How to download file?

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How to download file?. Are You sir and mam own that kind of inquiry?, If yes then plz get the best solution right after this line:\r\n

How to download file


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It means at the time that you were starting the download, you made a mistake in saving the file in a file name without any extension on what kind of media file it is that you are downloading. The file turns to be a read only file if a music file was saved without these media types at the end of their file name. Music files must be saved like this name.flv, name.mp4 or name.mp3. The (.mp3, .mp4 and many others) are the file extension that defines what kind of data it is.


Hi i have a android tv box brand new and i plugged it in played around with it for a bit just looking at some of the apps on it then turned it of for a few hours then went back on it and found it would not come on i have a red light showing on front of box that is all were as before it was blue pleese any suggestions ??


You have to put the zip part`s of the file`s into one folder and unzip it so that the software will be completed if there`s one part missing it you can`t run or use your gta.


It is a spam. even if you are there, you will be asked to pay for it…
Google out another location of the mp3 you favor.



Ilivid I found is some sort of virus with tool bars and the like there must be another way just google it.


You should purchase movie this would support them.


Yes it has a wire at the end so plug it in then.


Research in google how to make dowload.