How to exit safe mode in mobile phone Micromax Mad A94?

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How to exit safe mode in mobile phone Micromax Mad A94?. Are You Mrs or Mr has this kind of uncertainty?, If do then plz check the best tips right after this line:\r\n

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Cherry mobile devices automatically boot in exit safe mode when they detects some problem in the device system. Maybe some faulty or buggy applications had been recently installed.

What you can try to do is to remove the recent application that you installed in your device.

① Go to your settings
② Go to Manage Application
③ Select the recent application and Uninstall it
④ Reboot your device and see if it will still boot in exit safe mode

You may also need to delete the recent files that you transferred or downloaded in your device.

① Go to the folder where you saved the files
② Delete the file
③ If the file is important please make sure that you have a backup
④ Reboot your phone and see if it will boot to exit safe mode

Actually you can exit “exit safe mode” by just swiping down your notification bar and then tap on exit to safe mode. But the problem is if you do that it is possible that your phone will boot in exit safe mode again next time. That`s why it is important to perform the steps above.

① On your phone screen do a swipe down on your notification bar
② Tap on “Exit to safe mode”
③ Tap “Reboot”
④ Wait for your phone to restart and exit to safe mode notification must be removed.


First what you need to do is turn off your device
then turn it back on while holding the up volume button.
In case this doesnt work try this
Press menu >settings >manage apps
then find the most recent apps that you installed that might cause it to enter safe mode
force stop it
disable it if possible
uninstall that apps
the reboot or restart your device
incase still it doesnt work what you might do is to restore your phone in factory settings but you back up it first so that you will save all your files because restoring its factory setting will erase all things on your phone
Hard reset steps
Hold down volume down and power button at the same time for about 20 seconds > release it it should lead us to the recovery menu for android > you can scroll up and down or select by using volume keys and Power for ok >select restore factory settings the restart your device .


You can exit safe mode from your Cherry Mobile W7 by following these:
1. Press Home button to get to Home menu.
2. Bring the notification bar down by dragging it to the bottom of your phone screen.
3. Tap on “Exit safe mode”.
4. A prompt will appear asking for a restart, tap on restart now.
5. Your phone should start normally and won`t show the safe mode anymore.
You can check this video tutorial:

Take note that if your phone just suddenly boot to safe mode, there may be a problem with it. If you have installed a program before it, try to check if it works with your phone. App incompatibilities cause phones to go on Safe mode.
If the app has a problem, uninstall it to save you from troubles.


Most Android device has the same way for removing Safe Mode on their device. The Micromax A116 Canvas HD runs on Android OS, v4.1.2 Jelly Bean, to disable Safe Mode, just press the power button then tap Restart. Once your Micromax is fully open, Safe Mode is disable. While your phone is in Safe Mode, you cannot install any application, but you can uninstall the app.

If the device is still in Safe Mode, tried to delete your recent apps installed from your phone.


To get out your Techno Mobile phone from safe mode, Just follow these steps:

>Turn off your Techo Mobile phone
>Remove its back cover to remove its battery
>Wait for about 10 seconds then reinsert its battery
>Turn it on by pressing power key
>Done! It is successful out from safe mode

If your phone is shutting off automatically try to change its battery. Your battery is maybe malfunctioning.


Just follow the steps below to get out your Huawei phone from safe mode:

1.) Turn off your huawei phone
2.) Remove its back housing or cover
3.) Remove its battery and wait for about 5-10 seconds
4.) Reinsert its battery
5.) Last step, restart your Huawei phone



You simply need to turn off the phone then turn it on again to get out of Safe mode. If the phone went back to safe mode you need to do a factory data reset.

1. Open Settings.
2. Tap backup and reset.
3. Select Factory Data Reset.


Take out the battery for 5 sec. and put it back again, if this did not fix the problem please bring it to a service center.


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