How to Extend Your ipad Battery Life?

By On Saturday, April 21st, 2018 Categories : iPad

Tips to Extend iPad Battery Life

The guide below will explain you on how to help you to extend your ipad battery life longer than before. To make the settings for ipad longer battery life, it requires no additional material, so that you only need a little time and patience. The procedure to save you ipad battery is usually takes no longer than 15 minutes.

Steps to Extend iPad Battery Life

1. Since the Apple iPad is distinguished by its large touchscreen display, it’s no surprise really, this takes much of the battery power. Thus, one should be little this to a lower brightness level, the performance of the batteries can be used longer. In dark conditions, the brightness can be adjusted to the minimum.

2. Another secret power consumer of your ipad battery is the iPad the WLAN. Even if you do not just access to Internet content, the wireless adapter is often still active. However, this can turn off the “links” manually. This prevents the search iPad constantly on the lookout for an available wireless router.

3. Manage the use of downloaded ipad applications. Carefully use certain ipad apps, and make sure you turn off the apps after you use it.
4. Turn off 3G (Wi-Fi + 3G model)
5. Use Airplane Mode (Wi-Fi + 3G model) in low- or no-coverage areas
6. Turn off push notifications. To turn off this setting, go to Settings>Notifications (set to off)
7. Turn off push mail
8. auto Lock you iPad when it not used. go to Settings > General > Auto-Lock, to enable this ipad feature.

Those are my best tips to share with you to save, improve and extend ipad battery life. If you have more detailed instructions, please share them here to help all ipad users.