How to Fix Error 3194 on iPhone, iPad, MAC or iTunes?

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fix itunes error 3194

How to Fix Error 3194 on iPhone, iPad, MAC or iTunes?, We explain the solution to fix error 3194 in iTunes wanting to restore or update your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Follow the steps in this quick tutorial to correct this common flaw in iOS and within minutes you’ll have it fixed.

Error 3194

fix itunes error 3194

iTunes Error 3194 usually occurs when you want to restore or update your device via iTunes and the main problems are:

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  • You do not have the latest version of iTunes.
  • iTunes can not connect to Apple’s servers and therefore can not perform the restore process or upgrade.
  • Conflicts with the firewall or router.
  • When you want to install a version of iOS that is not signed by Apple.

Below we will explain three easy solutions to fix this iphone error in minutes.

Fix Error 3194 iTunes

The first thing to do is make sure we have the latest version of iTunes. For this we need to open and once inside, we must follow this path:

If you have a Mac iTunes> Check for Updates
If you have Windows Help> Check for Updates

If no notice does not appear, we have installed the latest version but otherwise update the iTunes program.
If the error still appears 3194 or if you already have successfully updated iTunes, then we have to keep trying another solution to update or restore your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

Fix iPhone Error 3194

Perhaps the failure is that iTunes can not connect to sevidor Apple updates, which is the second chance that you have advised the beginning of the post. To fix it and did not reappear the error 3194 so we need to check is the “hosts file”.

In this step we will make sure that no program to edit this file preventing your computer can connect to Follow the steps we have since then depending if you are on Mac or Windows:

Error 3194 on Mac

  • Open Finder and on the Applications> Utilities route
  • Open the Terminal program name
  • Write the command sudo nano / private / etc / hosts and press return (enter)
  • Then you need to enter the password you use to log on.
  • If not in the document then everything is correct.
  • If you see then you must move the cursor to the beginning of that line.
  • Add the # symbol and a space (#) at the beginning of that line.
  • Press Control-O to save the changes in the “hosts”.
  • When you ask for the file name press return (enter) and then Control-X to exit the document.
  • Now you must restart the computer.
  • Once started again the computer upgrade or restore your iOS device again.

Error on Windows

Click on Start> Run.
Writes% WinDir% \ System32 \ Drivers \ Etc and hit OK.
Locate and open the file named hosts.
If the file does not find then the document is OK.
If you find a text string have to move the course at the beginning of that line.
At the beginning of the line type # symbol and a space (#).
Save the file.
Restart your PC
After restarting try again to update or restore your device.

If we have correctly updated iTunes if there is no longer any mention of in the hosts file, then we see that the problem is not in the firewall or installed on your computer or router in your home antivirus.
Conflicts with the firewall or router


In this case there are 2 options:

A) Access the antivirus-firewall settings of your computer and allow both incoming and outgoing traffic of iTunes.

B) Temporarily turn off the firewall or antivirus (once restored or updated our device iOS we turn it back on).

When we have done any of the above options, we proceed back to restore or update your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to see if it has stopped the error 3194 appear.


Perhaps our router filters the incoming and outgoing traffic or may not allow iTunes to connect to the Internet. To be sure that here is not the problem we have to inform us on how to configure your router to give full access to iTunes.
Install a version of iOS not signed by Apple

And finally, your case could be that you are trying to install on your dispotivo a version of iOS that is not the latest and Apple does not allow the installation of old versions in the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. So what need to do is install the latest version of iOS you have at this time, which should not be a problem.

If after trying all the solutions we have proposed has failed to fix the error 3194 in iTunes for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, unfortunately I suggest you take it to an authorized service center to have a closer look at what diagnosis can be the problem with your device.

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