How to Fix iPad Error 3194 When Restoring Firmware Using TinyUmbrella

By On Sunday, April 15th, 2018 Categories : iPad

How to Fix iPad Error 3194

Many iPad Users reported that they get ipad error 3194 during the restore of a firmware OS on iPad. The following will explain the steps to correct ipad and itunes error 3194.

iTunes 3194 error usually appears when you are trying to restore firmware that is not signed, often during a downgrade of IOS or even during some repairs. If you run the ipad error 3194 from iTunes, you can fix ipad 3194 error by pointing to the iTunes servers SHSH Cydia, where the blob has SHSH saved for that particular firmware.

iPad error 3194 usually occurs when you try to install an older firmware and Apple servers, and the error preventing the installation. The only solution is to have a backup SHSH and edit the hosts file to point to Server Cydia Saurik, where they are backed.

Fix ipad Error 3194 in iTunes [TinyUmbrella]

First please Download TinyUmbrella (see at the right bar for download links. Then Launch TinyUmbrella, go to “Advanced” tab and check “Set to Cydia Hosts on Exit”. Followed by Click “Apply Changes” and reboot your PC / Mac. Put your iDevice in DFU mode and try to restore via iTunes.

Done, and the iPad error 3194 should be fixed.