How to Fix Unfortunately the process HAS stopped Error?

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How to Fix Unfortunately the process HAS stopped Error? – Indie Tech, I had no problem with my tablet when suddenly she starts prune, I was using an antivirus regularly, the message “unfortunately the process has stopped” or “ has stopped unexpectedly”. I relit and it was working normally but until today,the same message back again but I support “ok” to remove the message, but a second later this error pop up again, I extinguish my back on the shelf but I yet the message is. Do you familiar with this kind of android problem? well please check below to get the solution

Solution for unfortunately the process has stopped HAS stopped error

For all users who have had or have this common unfortunately android has stopped error, or even in French “Le process stopped”, here is the solution. It is rather simple, and effective!
1. Go to Settings, Applications (application manager, etc … depending on your interface)
2. Click the All tab
3. Pick up application downloads
4. Click Enable
5. Below, click Delete the default values

Try that, it should now work.

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