How to Get Best iPhone Apps to Support your Business or Just for Fun?

By On Sunday, March 18th, 2018 Categories : iphone

I spotted an article earlier today about iPhone apps that expounded that there would be as much as 300 thousand iphone apps at the store by Nov 2010.

What number of these iphone apps could be useful to any person? How does one wade thru the huge amount of apps to find those few apps that may help you to make your day go less complicated for business and private use? You can go to a couple of websites which offer reviews on iPhone apps which will give you the iPhone apps best suited for the application you would like. At you can look at a spread of classes of apps for pretty much anything you can think about. There are featured apps ( I’ll not figure out what makes them featured unless they just paid for the privilege of appearing at the very top of the page ) with links for free apps and paid apps and iPhone apps reviews. There’s actually a section on tips for iPhone users to maximise the capacities of their machine. If you click the “Most Popular programmes” link you are brought to a page with numerous links that start with “Top 50…”. A number of these classes include Top fifty Free Game programmes, Top fifty Free Entertainment programmes, Top fifty Free Lifestyle applications, Top fifty Free Application applications and plenty more categories. These classes are mirrored with the Top fifty Paid Game applications, Top fifty Paid Entertainment Apps and the like.

For business people you can go thru the Top fifty Free Use programs that commence with a fascinating app called Touch Scale – JaJa and Company. Touch Scale allegedly turns your device into a scale that will weigh tiny items like jewellery, coins, for example. These apps are arranged by iTunes statistical data so since this was listed first it should be the most popular ( downloaded ) app. After reading the reviews I don’t see why this app may be rated one overall. In total the reviewers related the app was unpleasant and didn’t really weight anything. The second app listed in the Resources section is ATT Mark the Spot. This app permits users to give notice to ATT when there’s a service issue with their device and gives the user the chance to immediately give ATT consumer service the precise location where the issue happened with more detailed information as to whether the difficulty took place a single time or continually in the same area. This looks to be a more helpful app than the scale and most reviewers felt the same way.

The 3rd most popular app appears to be targeted more at the middle college or school mathematics student.

It is known as Convert Units for nothing. There’s a similar internet site that does the same thing but for mobile devices this has a much cooler interface. You can convert almost any mix of units for mass, angles, area, energy, force, length and information and has a calculator looking interface. The 1st one or two reviewers liked the app and announced it wasn’t fancy however it did the job while being the iPhone apps best choice for unit conversion.