How to get ecoin and gp plsssss?

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How to get ecoin and gp plsssss?. Do You mam & sir own that kind of concern?, If yes then plz found the good soution below this line:

Because i really want to get vip


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If that is the case then it might be that the Operating System of the tablet is crashing. Well a mere factory reset will not work. What I can suggest you is bring the device to the nearest service center so they can check what the issue is and also I am sure they are capable of wiping everything on the tablet and installing a fresh OS on the tablet.


What do you mean acting up? Is it malfunctioning? If that`s the case you may turn off you phone for a while , leave it for a couple of minutes and then turn it on. If it doesn`t work, go to your phone`s vendor and ask their technician.


To clear history on your Samsung Galaxy, open your internet browser:

1. Then press then press the Menu button
2. Scroll down then tap settings
3. Then tap Privacy and Security
4. Then Clear Cache, Clear History.


What do you mean? Do you have any problems on the site? Please check your phone settings to diagnose the problem. Maybe you need to make your question more detailed so I can make some better solutions for it.


If you forgot also your email and password to log in your account, the option for you is to do a hard reset, turn off your phone and hold the power button until the recovery menu appears.


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I recommend if you ask question please elaborate so that we can also answer your specific question.

What is your phone problem ?


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