How to Get Free Wifi for iPod Touch Anywhere?

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Free Wifi for iPod Touch

Reaching an unbranded and free Internet access point has recently become a common goal for hopeful pioneers of the latest innovations in modern technology- particularly of the iPhone and the iPod Touch. Both serve as internationally-acclaimed tools that provide multimedia services and high-quality features in terms of digital assistance and enjoyability in terms of gaming, network-surfing, data storing, and communication. Such devices, as provided by Apple Inc., have reached the point of concerning machinery corporations in terms of their desirability- how can it be that such a small phone or media-playing device provide Internet access of higher speed, higher media resolution quality, and even higher definition capabilities in terms of media-capturing…than a computer or camera itself? As these products often carry hefty expenses and require extensive know-how in order to reap the many personal benefits that can be derived from the features, endless variety of applications, and programming vulnerability, the consumers of these popular Apple products often seek breakthroughs that will enhance their experience. Wi-Fi accessibility often holds moderate yet burdening and frequent financial charges upon the user, varying depending on the location and facility of which one wishes to use the Internet on their iPhone or iPod touch. Users seeking to resolve this burden and have their own “hotspot” or Internet access point, have been exposed to many widespread methods in doing so by fellow adventurous iPhone/iPod Touch users and programmers, scam and helpful tips alike. Amongst the confusion in which methods are safe and not safe to use (particularly for those who don’t consider their experience level in digital technology savvy), the following few strategies have been found to provide the personal ”hotspot” all of the i-fans eagerly seek.

How to Get free Wifi for iPod Touch

The first step as to get free wifi for ipod touch anywhere is to have a jailbroken Apple product, in this case the iPhone or iPod Touch. Though it seems illegal and impractical by nickname, jailbreaking ipod touch is an extremely common and recently legalized method of increasing freedom in running programs, adding applications, and making installations that would not be supported/allowed by Apple on your device otherwise. In other words, you are ridding your instrument of the functional restrictions that have been originally programmed into it by the corporation. Jailbreaking ipod touch does have its disadvantages, however, as it is an underground-originated technique whereas hackers exploited technological vulnerabilities and loopholes within the system. Take caution in jailbreaking your iPod Touch or iPhone- note that doing so will end your warranty of the product, receiving help or repairing of your item must be turned down by the Apple company by request. Jailbreaking your device isn’t a difficult process to come by, simply research well and steer clear of unpopular, potentially malware-infested jailbreaking methods or paying someone or leaving the iOS product into the hands of you don’t trust; computer-downloadable tools such as Spirit Jailbreak Tool and QuickPwn serve as reliable resources in regards to getting started on jailbreaking. To complete this, in addition to the tools listed above, having the iTunes software on your computer is also a common requirement to jailbreak the iPod Touch/iPhone.

Many companies have released iOS-compatible devices that work with the iPod Touch and iPhone in allowing for a universal, personal access point for any user at any given place. However, in order to gain free wifi for ipod touch anywhere, subscription to a website or the downloading of an application that allows for such access is required. Take caution in doing so and perform plenty of research to discover the liability of the sources you are using to access your Wi-Fi. The community of Apple fans is vast, and the underground methods of performing such actions aren’t very much hidden. Remember, just because someone hasn’t necessarily complained because of a shady method you’ve found on the Internet in regards to getting free Wi-Fi, doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily safe and trustworthy. New Apple-related scams pop up every day, and unknowing consumers will fall for them. Don’t ever subscribe to websites that promise free web access but require information such as your credit card numbers and any type of password, in order to allow you to have what they offer. Use all methods at your own risk.

The Apple App Stores, needless to say, do not offer extraneous ipod touch applications specific to those who have jailbroken iPods and iPhones. So, where does one begin their search for jailbroken applications, specifically those where Wi-Fi hotspots are offered? A great place to start would be Cydia, an online application store that offers a plethora of useful cydia apps for jailbroken iPods of quality and functions you could never find in Apple’s stores. Once you have dove into the world of jailbroken applications, you may begin to seek out underground apps like MyWi, PDAnet (often restricted and/or temporary to users who aren’t willing to pay a small fee or use a lite version), and TetherMe. These applications can be found through a search through Cydia’s store. Upon being installed, these programs will require you to create and name your own wireless network access point. From there, you may browse the Internet freely using this newly found connection. Simple enough?

It is important to keep in mind that more and more mobile companies such as AT&T and Sprint are cracking down upon users who have taken to tethering (the use of Internet access on a device through mobile service, often done illegally and freely) in order to reap Internet access without permission and without paying the proper fees. These are major corporations who have hired programmers who may make updates to their services to close up loopholes hackers exploit, or may even penalize those who are found to be using free tethering services. Companies will do whatever it takes to prevent them from losing money, and will be upset with those who choose not to pay for their services. Therefore, exercise these methods at your own risk and keep updated within the conflicting and risky world of iPhone and iPod hacking. New applications and updates for maintaining your free Wi-Fi are being constantly made- applications such as MyWi frequently feature updates for means of protecting their services. Often, the larger corporations succeed in holding Internet access off from hackers and freeloaders, so switching between stable applications that will provide Wi-Fi service is necessary. Keep mindful, stay active on the forums (Internet Apple-product related forums such as MacRumors and Whirlpool), and enjoy your freedom with free Wifi for ipod touch anywhere!