How to Install installous on iPad to Play installous Apps

By On Tuesday, May 22nd, 2018 Categories : iPad

Installous is one of the famous third party apps which made by With installous installed on your ipad, you could get many free installous apps and no need to pay much money to buy similar apps from itunes apps store.

How to Install installous on iPad?

Here are the steps to install installous app on your iPad (you need jailbroken ipad here)

1. Run Cydia App.
2. Add the repository
3. Search Installous on the list and install the app with required components.

If you have installed installous app before and only install the update, then follow the steps below:

1. Run Cydia App.
2. Go to the Updates section.
3. Play “Upgrade”.

Well, really simple! but if you have another foolproof method to add installous app on ipad so we could play many cracked apps on ipad, then please share with us here.