How to Install iPad in Car (iPad Car Mount)

By On Wednesday, April 25th, 2018 Categories : iPad

If you’ve got a new iPad or an iPad two you’re likely thinking how to make an iPad car mount in order that you can use your new toy in the car. I’m hoping you aren’t driving while operating your new iPad. There are a few uses that your iPad can do for you while driving. The 2 most often used operations are playing your music and keeping an eye on your location. You might also want to keep the backseat noise down by utilizing your iPad as an entertainment device for the tiny ones. Music can be a terrific way to make a trip shorter. If you are looking to connect your iPad to your dash and play your music thru the car speakers this may need a customised iPad car Mount.

The digital sound output from the iPad is hard to reach unless you’ve got a custom connector. You are going to need to feed the iPad output to some kind of audio amplifier to decode and share the sound to your speakers. Connecting to this connector will need some kind of a rigid mounting system. There are custom audio homes which will alter your dashboard, create the custom plug, install the audio amp and mix this all together in a continuing system with the iPad car mount a vital component of your dashboard. This puts the iPad right up where you want it for convenient operation and secures it in place while in use. Most custom homes that may do this for you’ll make the iPad removable in order that you can take it with you when out of the car. The nice part about an in-dash iPad car mount is that it offers a firm surface for operating your iPad and puts the display at a central position for tracking your position. With the iPad Maps app that’s pre-installed in your iPad you won’t need to buy another Tom-Tom or Garmin GPS unit for your car. The iPad does it for you.

The way that most makers handle an iPad car mount for display in the rear seat of a car is by attaching it to the head restrainer of the front seat. This needs a case of some sort to hold the iPad and an attachment mechanism of some type. This is mostly simply an elastic band or alterable strap that’s attached to the case.

ModulR is working on a head restrainer strap ( shipping shortly ) that connect to their modular cover system and Otterbox has their Latch product that gives a similar solution with an alterable elastic strap and clip.