How to Install The Facebook App On Your iPad

By On Thursday, April 26th, 2018 Categories : iPad

The Facebook team has been going through a lot of issues and different problems right now when it comes to their app. So much so that their one and only full-time app developer, Joe Hewitt, quit out of frustration. Of course, despite these different challenges, Facebook has a responsibility to face their users and deliver to them a usable app. An app indeed was developed, but only for the iPhone, which left the iPad users almost a year already, of waiting for their own app to be released. This much-awaited app is indeed, going to be released by the Facebook team, maybe this month. However, it seems that this release went a little earlier than the developers expected as the code was exposed to the public by a random user.

Facebook App For Your iPad

Yes, not even the developers were expecting their app to be released already. Apparently, the much-awaited app was just below our noses all the time. It was secretly embedded inside the iPhone’s code. Someone was bound to discover the hidden treasure sooner or later, and it turned out to be sooner than Facebook expected.

Of course, Facebook automatically launched a ban to keep the iPad users from using the app that they haven’t launched yet. Good thing though, our friendly jailbreakers have immediately figured something out to let us keep using the app until Facebook finally releases their legal version.

Here’s how:

Jailbreak your iPad first.You need to access Cydia to launch the needed hack and you need to jailbreak your iPad first before you get the Cydia app. Got it? After successfully jailbreaking your gadget, the next thing to do is to download the Facebook app for the iPhone to your iPad. Don’t launch it just yet. Access our Cydia app and search for FaceForward. Download and install it. Once it has finished installing, you should be able to launch your Facebook app already.