How to lighten up my darken nose sides?

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How to lighten up my darken nose sides?. Are You misses or mister own that kind of question?, If yes then please found the good feedback right after this line:\r\n

I have this very awful problems that my nose sides that connect to my entire face is darken and it has this lines. and I hate it very much. Please help


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I got the same problem before and I consulted a Dermatologist. It explains that dark skin on the side of my nose are because of pigmentation.
It is highly likely that you are suffering from this problem, which is by no means unique. Your best bet is to start the process of treatment by first getting yourself examined by a dermatologist. This way, you will know for sure if you are indeed troubled with pigmentation. Just like what I did. And I started treatment according to my dermatologist`s advice. Hope this will help you.

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It is hard to examine these type of problems if you are not doing it hands on. The best way is to consult a dermatologist and ask her for medications. But one advice I could give is the use of toothpaste. Try rubbing it the specific areas for 15-30 seconds then wash it off.


To prevent spot skin darkening, stop rubbing the spot. Friction causes the skin to darken.

Pynocare, an anti-melasma OTC (over-the-counter) pill, helps lighten dark spots on the face.

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Unevenly dark skin, particularly on the facial area, is sometimes a sign of pigmentation. I highly recommend that you must seek dermatologist just to be sure if you are indeed troubled with pigmentation. Self medication is a big NO.


Well there is lots of things to do but the most common thing it to use cocoa butter lotion and in 2-3 weeks those dark lines will fade and soon be gone.


U should go to a nose peircing shop and tell them ur 18 or older then theyll give u a nose peircing.


Your problem on the graphic cart you have to change it.. so then you will b1 able to watch t.v without the middle being dark,, ?


Hi! I suggest you go to a professional piercer or piercing studio to have it done.


Its due to pigmantation of the skin….high SPF 45 sunscreens can help you get rid of it.


Lose of vitamin c in your body or might be your abdomen is not functioning properly.