How to make a letter where you don`t know the name of your proffesor?

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How to make a letter where you don`t know the name of your proffesor?. Are You misses or mister own that kind of inquiry?, If do then plz check the best feedback right after this line:\r\n

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Hello. I think you need to be very careful with this. Firstly I am assuming that your boss has asked you to collect his medication and pay for it with his credit card. Your boss must write the letter and sign it himself. If you sign any letter as if it were your boss, you could be arrested for attempted forgery. Then there is the question of his pin (personal identification number). All the banks say that you should not tell anyone your pin because it can lead to problems like identity theft and fraud. Please do not misunderstand me, I am not suggesting for one second that you would do anything to deceive your boss. I am just telling you what the banks tell us all.

Assuming that everything is as it should be, here is what the letter should say:

Dear Sirs

The bearer of this letter and my credit card is …….(your name) he is known to me as my employee.

I authorise …….(your name) to use my credit card to pay for medication for me and also to pay for additional things that I require. I attach a list of those things, counter signed by me.

I have instructed …. (your name) to sign this letter in his/her own name beneath my signature in order to protect all parties from fraud, should this letter get lost.

If there are any difficulties with my request, please telephone me in order to verify the situation.

Yours faithfully

signed by your boss

sample signature signed by you,

I hope this helps answer your complex question. With kind regards, Nadia.


Try this sample letter. And just revise some info from your own.

Name of Company/Hospital:

Subject: Letter Requesting for Hadj Approval

To the Office of the Director,

Dear ______________________,

I am (name)______(job position). An employee from your __________(department name). I would like to make a request from your office to grant my husband___________________ ,who is also an employee here under _________________(department) and I for your approval and permission for us to exercise our yearly religious obligation to attend the Hadj. As we all know Hadj is a sacred tradition among Muslims in faith. We believe in our companies respect among our religious diversity and faith that you will grant this request. I and my Husband will be willing to submit any requirement if you may require us for the approval of our request.

Thank You,
Yours truly,

Employee Name:
Employee ID:.


Hi! You can use this one. I`ve used this also in applying for sunplan.

November 19, 2013

Sun Cellular
SM City San Fernando Downtown (Place to apply)

To whom it may concern:

This is to inform you that I, (Name of your Landlord), authorized the use of Statement of Account to my lesee/occupant Ms. (Your name), for the purpose of applying postpaid plan in your company.

Attached herewith is a photocopy of both our identification card for your verification and reference.

Thank you very much.

(Name of Landlord)
Billing Owner

NOTE: Do not forget to borrow your landlord`s ID as they may ask for it.




Report your monthly income before taxes and deductions. Report your annual income to include any bonuses, tips or other “non regular` pay; use your 1099 for 2104 as documentation. If you are working off the books, use canceled checks, if any, to document. If your monthly income varies, use your annual income divided by 12 to approximate your monthly income. Hope this helps.


It is like making an ordinary letter but you just state the reason why you are being absent and why must you be excused.


You just need to press the shift key before the key you want or you can turn off auto caps and just use the shift key when you need it.


Well many of these suggested soulutions are good so i will give you advice for the letter. Try to make it look professional.




Help me how to make certification of proof of billing.


You write it down and then send it to all parents !