How to make External or emulated SD card as Primary memory?

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How to make External or emulated SD card as Primary memory?. Do You guys has this kind of inquiry?, If yes then please check the best solution right after this line:\r\n

I m using Samsung Galaxy TAB 3, 7″. I ve bought 16 GB SD card but the TAB is showing it as External or Emulated memory. But i want it as primary Memory. so i can have my installed apps on SD card. What should i do?

Tanvir anik

Answers for this question:

In your memory sd settings.


Root needed so you need to root ur device first.


Your System has the following
1- Internal 16/32/64 GB storage, 2 GB RAM
2- Memory Card slot microSD, up to 64 GB

You must know the size of the MicroSD that you inserted in your device.
Let us agree on something, your device calls (1) SD card, and (2) Ext-SD card
To be sure of that, here is a little experiment
A) take out your Ext-SD card, use any card reader and hock it to your Laptop, create a Directory (Folder) with the name of “My Ext SD”.
B) reinsert it back to your Note, use your File Manager, not the default one, Use ES File Manager. if you don`t have it: download from here:

C) look for the Folder that you created, you will find it in the Ext-SD.

** Now, A friend of mine asked me once to free up his Note memory. i.e. free (2). I could not move his apps from (1) to (2).
I even tried to install apps that do this task like “Move2SD” app. that also did not work.. after searching I could not find anything related to how to move apps from (1) to (2).

Bottom Line: Your Ext-SD is not Emulate, but you cannot move apps to it. you can move anything but apps like photos, music, …etc.



This is either due to damaged SD card, the SD card is not inserted properly, or you do not have an SD card at all. Usually, the SD card is inserted at the back of the cellphone. An SD card of a Samsung galaxy quattro is a micro SD memory card that is relatively small compared to the memory card of a certain gadgets that has a bigger memory card. This is inserted to the cellphone so that it will expand your memory capacity of the cellphone. Anyway, simply make sure that, if you have SD card in your phone, properly inserted. Moving application to the SD card is not really functional not unless the SD card is properly inserted, or it has no defect.


As far as i know, the latest android versions like 4.0 does not allow apps to be transferred on external Sd. This is due to how Android now partitions and manages the internal memory. Your removable SD card is used for media content only. The internal memory of the phone now has internal SD and system memory which is separate from the external SD. All apps go to internal SD. Moving apps to SD are only available on the earlier versions of android.


No you cannot move them. Android does not allow applications to be move on the external SD card anymore. What you can move are photos, videos, musics and other files. But as far as the application it is not anymore. Before it is possible but the latest Android update restricts that. If you have an old phone and does not update yet you might be able to do it.


Please check first your device if it has any Working SD CARD. for some reason it App2SD will generate that kind of error if you dont have any SD card inserted on your Mobile phone. so check it first.


If you want to put all pictures and music on your SD card, choose default storage in camera settings as “SD card”, as for music, simply copy and paste them from your phone to your SD card.


Go to setting –> téléphone –> param.des appl.–> messagerie -> autre–> memoire utiliser : choisie votre memoire :)


Plug in the card make sure its bigger then 2 or 4 or get an 8 and it will set up automaticaly.