How to Make Your Child Safer By Installing “Child ID” on iPad

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Did you know that a child goes missing every 40 seconds in the United States? In total those are almost 800,000 children missing per year. Unfortunately, even with huge efforts from both the family of the missing children and FBI, only a small percent of the kids gone lost ever go back to their family, and the rest, nothing is ever heard of them anymore. It’s scary, but true.

How to Make a Child Safer by Installing Child ID

On another note, remember when Apple promised making our lives easier through the iPad, well they’re going to make our kids safer as well. How? Well, The FBI has just recently launched the Child ID app. In Child ID, you could input relatively important details about your kid, and if unfortunately the child goes missing, you could easily send all of his information to the authorities through this app.

In this way, the important information would be quickly disseminated which of course, could lead to quick action on the FBI’s side. Additionally, you should stay tuned with this app, because it’s been revealed that this app would undergo a lot of maintenance, to make it more useful and for wider usage on other gadgets. What’s even great about this app is that it’s the first app to be developed by the FBI, and it’s available to download for free.

Aside from helping the authorities and the parents to search for the lost child, this app is also informative at giving lessons to keep children safe from getting lost, as well as the things that you need to do the very first moments that your child goes missing. We could just hope that whatever the improvements they wold make would be for the additional safety of our children. Of course this app could only do so much, but anything additional to the current safety of our family would not hurt, right?


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