How to move showbox files on mac to another location?

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How to move showbox files on mac to another location?. Are You sir & mam own this kind of query?, If yes then please found the best tips right after below:\r\n

I have showbox installed on my mac. I want to move the downloaded movies to an external hard drive. Where are the files stored?


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I know the solution…
If you download movie in your smartphone or tablet with SHOWBOX, you must not close the showbox app while downloading even though you can pause and resume download later.
Coz when you close the app while it is downloading, you cannot play the video through file manager and move the video but you can still play the video through showbox.


Hi. I got the answer. But actually, there is nothing that we can do on that. Showbox doesn`t have a subtitle settings. But, you may ask the developer of Showbox in the Showbox Official Website to request a SUBTITLE SETTING. They accept suggestion to make their program even better. So, request now. Thank You!


Download the es file explorer and then in there find the showbox file. and then click on the movie you want to transfer and then wen its selected move it to the top left of your screen. a share icon will appear and put it there and then select send to windows and then select the file you want to save it in.


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No,please.If am not mistaken there is no way otherways if yr nt highly in need of doing so,jst leave it thanx.

Walangaire Ali

Restarting the device can ssolve the issue.
here is how you can do


I am trying to do the same thin. I have a much older tv and laptop and can only watch the movies this way. I hope someone gives an answer.


I was using showbox for months and now it will not allow me to watch any movies if I dont download MX Player.