How to open pocket wifi, i forgot the username and passowrd?

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How to open pocket wifi, i forgot the username and passowrd?. Are You mate own that kind of concern?, If yes then please read the good answer below this line:\r\n

Forgot password and uder name of smart pocket wifi


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you can try to type in the default namename and password. the one that originally came with the device. if that won`t let you in, all you can do is to reset the device to its default factory settings. you can do a hard reset of the device by pushing a small hole located on the side of the device. you may need something small which can fit in the hole like a needle or a tip of a paper clip. push it in and wait until the device shuts down and restart itself. after that, you should put in the default namename and password. and it should do it.

after this, you can again change the namename and password. just make sure to write it down somewhere so even if you forget it, you can easily retrieve it.


Mbps and 4G is usually refers to speed of the connection of a pocket wifi. The higher the speed the faster and good the pick up of an internet connection is. Usually battery lifespan is actually longer. But when battery needs to be changed usually it would blink with a red light and would make a buzzing sound.

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To reset the sim password on a Samsung Tocco lite GT-s5230, you must first enter the original sim password which if you have not previously changed should be a standard factory setting password such as 1234 or 0000. Once this is entered you can then go to the setting menu on the phone where you will be able to reset and change the password on the sim.


Either you can use their site here

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Go to your browser and type the ip of your wifi then put “name” in namename and “name” in password.


I forgot my password and namename in my smartbro pocket wifi,what can i do to reset?


Sorry, I have no answer, I have the same problem but no gmail account.