How to put music on the iPad without going through iTunes

By On Monday, April 2nd, 2018 Categories : iPad

One of my friend told me about his ipad. He has IPAD and would like to put music in MP3 format without sincronizaren iTunes on the computer.

There is some form or application to do so. The photos are easy to introduce into the iPad but he resist and love songs.

How to put music on the iPad without going through iTunes? First thing is to jailbreak the ipad, we will see so do not go through iTunes are two ways by USB or SSH, I personally use USB, USB will need to do soft as USBExplorer. I use DiskAid to open the program, connect the IPAD and will leave you like the Windows File Explorer, depends on the program you use to play music on the iPad will have to put. Documents carperta mp3 in the program for playback, the route would be var> mobile> aplications> the program you use> Documents.

Here are the complete tutorials:

1 – To play music, archives, movies to IPAD without going through iTunes, you have to echo the Jailbreak, Jailbreak serves to release the IPAD and you can install applications that Apple does not allow applications or … I mean Apple crakes I will not pay the aplicaciones.Para make the Jailbreak you have to see which firmware version 3.2 or 3.2.1 if you have any of these versions can do this without problems, also as easy as a encerderse also cigarette (which bad example :doh: ) Just have to go from your IPAD to page have a manual in this forum if you are not very clear … it’s really easy.
2 – USB connection of your IPAD is the charger, if you take away the power adapter is a USB cable you with the need to connect to your Mac, the connection by SSH (Secure Shell stands) was designed from the beginning for maximum security and enable remote access to secure servers, to use this system, people do it by wifi

I do not understand if you have a MAC and I think it comes by default iTunes will not have to give any problem to sync, plus How to activate the IPAD but you connect it to iTunes.