How to resew IRola 758,i tried to hold on power button and the same time on the volume buttons toghether.but still to be on all the time?

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How to resew IRola 758,i tried to hold on power button and the same time on the volume buttons toghether.but still to be on all the time?. Do You mam has this kind of uncertainty?, If yes then please read the good answer below this line:

Answers for this question:

You are pressing the wrong buttons in order to access the recovery menu. Follow these right steps to access the recovery menu and reset your iRola DX752 :

1. Turn off the tablet first before we start.

2. Wait for 5 to 10 seconds. Hold these keys , volume ( + ) and Home Button and Power Button for few seconds ( on some devices, try using only power button + volume up , try this if the first combination didn`t worked for you )

3. Before the tablet boots, it will go now to the Recovery Menu.

4. Recovery Menu will give you 4 options:

Welcome to Recovery Menu of Android

• Navigate up/down using the volume + and – to move highlight.
• Click Power button to select

( a ) reboot system now
( b ) apply update from ADB
( c ) wipe data/factory reset
( d ) wipe cache partition

Choose letter C which is wipe data/ factory reset.
The wipe data/factory reset option erases the contents of /data partition as well as the /cache partition. This will erase any apps, pictures, music, data etc. you have stored on /data partition in addition to erasing the /cache partition. This will not erase your /system partition.

5. After selecting “Wipe data/factory reset” scroll down until you find “Yes– delete all data”

6. Click Next and wait for the tablet to reboot.


There is a big possibility
that the power button and
the battery is no longer
working fine.

If you know how to check
the device`s internal
components then you can
open the back cover to check
the motherboards power touch

If you also have a battery
that has the same voltage and
ampere, you can use it to check
if the battery has gone bad.

If you are not familiar how to
check the internal components of
the Tablet, you can take the
tablet to an electronic repair
shop to get the tablet checked
and repair.


Here`s how to do a hard reset, which wipes all your data. Here`s how I got the reset menu on my Venture phone:

1. If you’re stuck in the restart cycle, remove the battery for ten seconds or so to turn it off. The put the battery back.
2. Hit the “Power on” button.
3. As soon as it buzzes, Press and hold the “volume up” button until the warning icon appears.
4. Hit the “home” button to get to the System-reset menu.
5. Use volume up/down to choose a menu item, and hit “return” on the keyboard to enter your choice.


Plz can someone help, my hcl me tablet model U2 is not coming on, it shows battery when i charge it and stuck on me tablet logo when i try to switch it on, when trying to factory reset it shows.. Upgrading…..please wait and stucks there forever… Plz give me some advise..


Holding these three buttons at the same time , depending on the phone type. will cause a hard reset to occur. that is every setting and content will be deleted from ur phone. the phone will be restored to factory setting.


Hello, try to turn of your pantech. put out the battery. insert it again. then hold the volume up + power button. dont stop until you see menu in ur pantech,.


Your suppose to hold it down until the screen shuts off approx. 15-20 sec. Make sure your holding both of them at the same time.


Try reseting your iRola or take it in to get it checked out.