How to screen shot on an RCA Viking pro 10.1?

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How to screen shot on an RCA Viking pro 10.1?. Do You mate has that kind of uncertainty?, If do then plz found the good tips below:\r\n

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Often, a cell phone screen displays an impressive accomplishment or important information. Unfortunately, most cameras fail to accurately capture a glare-free image of a cell phone screen. If you wish to perfectly capture your cell phone`s display, take a screen shot of the cell phone. Major cell phone operating systems Android, Blackberry and iOS allow screen shots. While iOS includes a screen shot function, Android and Blackberry require the download of additional software.

Visit the Android website and download the drivers for your cell phone. Install the drivers. Download and install the SDK from the official website.

Download the Blackberry Desktop Manager from the official Blackberry website. When the download completes, double-click on the “Blackberry Desktop Manger” icon to install the program.

Click on the “Start” menu, scroll to “All Programs” and click on “Blackberry Desktop Manager” to launch the program.

Download the screenshot program Blackberry Screen Shooter or Blackberry ScreenStream from their official websites.

Double-click on the downloaded file to install it. Download the file “Javaloader.exe.” Locate the file within the “Downloads” folder. Right-click on it and scroll to “Copy.” Double-click on the “My Computer” window, then on “Blackberry Screen Shooter” or “Blackberry ScreenStream.” Right-click inside the folder and scroll to “Paste.”

Launch Blackberry Screen Shooter or Blackberry ScreenSteam by double-clicking on the program. Connect your Blackberry to the computer using its USB cable and press the “Take a Screenshot” button.

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Unfortunately, there is no possibility that you can have a screen shot or print screen in your Nokia Lumia 610. Screen shot is one of the limitations of this handset. Screen shot is only possible to handsets with Microsoft Windows Phone 8. Unfortunately, your Nokia Lumia 610 has only Microsoft Windows Phone 7.5. You might still need to have a developer unlocked device to make screen shot possible.


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Sadly you can`t take screenshot on your Nokia Lumia without having a developer unlocked device.
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