How to shut off pip on a lg tv?

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How to shut off pip on a lg tv?. Are You Mr or Mrs has that kind of inquiry?, If do then please read the good tips right after this line:\r\n

Don`t know how to shut off pip on LG tv


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The OS of the computer may be corrupted or a malicious program is preventing it to properly do a shutdown. Check the programs in your computer carefully. GO to safe mode and see if you can shut it down the normal way. If yes, then booting it in normal way means a certain program is preventing it to shutdown properly.


The reason why your phone wont turn off is because your power off button is probably broke so you have to turn it on to your local service providers store and get it fix but for now you need to take the battery out of your phone and that turns it off.


You must hold the power button down for approximately anywhere from 5 seconds to 10 seconds, or simply tap the power button and select power off from the menu. The phone should shut down and stay off until you press the power key again.


You should be able to hold down the power button for a few seconds until it forces it to turn off. It`s not the most delicate method, but it is reliable. Just hold down the button for a long time.


Hi. Try to put your phone into silent mode when capturing or using your camera. If that doesnt work, the other option for you is to root your phone then install new sounds (silent ones).


You need to change the setting first. go to control panel.


Just get a new iphone from apple store way cheaper now.


Whel just pen th ack and take he battey out.