How to Stream Video to Your iPad?

By On Monday, March 5th, 2018 Categories : iPad

How to Stream Video to Your iPad. Watching video on your iPad can often be one of the coolest functions of the gadget.

Viewing media on the iPad hasn’t ever been clearer but what if you have got a giant motion picture collection? Sure you can upload the films to your iPad thru iTunes but the restricted space will block your iPad drive fast. The solution is simple. Stream Video to Your iPad from PC while not having to download them and take him drive space.

Stream video to your iPad may not come simple initially, but when you get into the swing of it, you’ll find that it’s very simple. The primary concept behind streaming the video to your ipad instead of storing it on your iPad is you’ve got to preserve space on the drive. The iPad only comes in a sixteen, 32 and 64GB variations and you want to save that confined space for more critical things that do not take as much space.

There are 1 or 2 different iPad applications you can use to stream your media but the Stream Book app appears to be the most well liked. Stream Book isn’t free except for $3 it’s one of the most profitable bargains when you factor in what you get and the quantity of drive space you’ll save for 1 or 2 measly $. When you purchase Stream Book you want to then download the server companion, Serve Book ( how lovable right? ). Once downloaded, open Serve Book . Choose the folders you want to share from your PC. Manifestly your PC wishes to be a network which is accessible thru your iPad.