How to Take a Screenshot on Your iPhone

By On Wednesday, January 24th, 2018 Categories : iphone

The first generations of iPhone will make you take a camera and take a shot at it so that you can have a screenshot; literally, you can have a screenshot as you will take whatever you have on the screen. So, it must be so inconvenient to take a third-party camera and get a shot whenever you want to grab something on your iPhone screen.

However, everything has changed when the iPhone Firmware 2.0 has been introduced. With this firmware, screen capture has been added to the features, although, not everybody knows it exists, thus, it was not publicized. Only a few people have known that taking a screen shot from you iPhone will only take two button clicks. Here’s how:

#1. You must have something in mind you would like to screen-grab; let’s say a certain website or simply getting the right screen you want to take a shot at. You may also want to have a screen shot of your games or applications. In short, anything you want to take, you can definitely do it without breaking a sweat.

#2. When you are already in the screen you want to capture, hold down the iPhone HOME BUTTON. And while doing that, press the ON/OFF BUTTON which you can find at the top right of your iPhone. In any moment, you will hear something like a shutter sound which will consequently make your screen flash white for a second or two. When you have the screen back, that’s the sign the screen-grabbing process is done. And that’s it! You are done with screen grabbing your iPhone.

#3. Should you want to view the screenshot you just took, go to your Photo Album Application, then Camera Roll. Within the Camera Roll, you will be presented by the most recent photo. If you have not taken a photo right after you took the screen shot, the very first one or the most recent one should be the photo of your screenshot.

#4. Whenever you sync your iPhone on a PC or Mac, you can fully manipulate the screenshot using the computer. Anyway, you will be able to sync your photos by any software you want to use which allow synchronization. You may want to share to your friends the screen shot you took from you iPhone or simply add it to your collection. Everything is in your hands.

The Bottom Line

Newer generations of iPhone have even more capabilities than the older ones. You simply have to take time browsing your phone or study every application you can possibly use often. By doing so, you will be able to know what and how to do little things which are not popularly known.