How to transfer credit from fixed line to a prepaid line alfa?

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How to transfer credit from fixed line to a prepaid line alfa?. Are You sir has that kind of query?, If yes then please get the good answer below this line:

Answers for this question:

SmartLine™ powered by BillFloat™ is a line of credit that is available at
Jackson Hewitt® offices.

SmartLine™ can give you money when you need it-simply and affordably. With SmartLine™ you can be approved for a line of credit up to $1,000* and repay it with convenient monthly payments.

Once again, SmartLine™ is a line of credit – not to be confused with a loan on an anticipated tax refund amount.

If you want to find out more, please visit your nearest participating

Jackson Hewitt® office, or call the BillFloat customer service number at (877) 369-6481.

*SmartLine™ powered by BillFloat™ is underwritten by BillFloat™`s third party lender.

Loans are subject to lender approval and fees apply.


There are alot of ways to do that ill tell you some of it

1. Entering 141 before the number you need to call
ex : 141……… Settings/General Settings> Options

2.Look for Restrict my identity or something similar.

3.Set the option to Hide or Always depending on what`s appropriate and hit

4.lastly hit Save

For NON SMART Phones

1. Menu > Settings > Find Send my caller ID

2.And change it to no

3. lastly Click Save if necessary.


Well I am not sure if it is possible best thing you can do is call your customer service and see if there is a way to transfer credit from Postpaid to Prepaid. Well I am not sure that it would be possible since those postpaid balance are meaning they are meant to be consume not to be passed on to others. Well again just call customer service and see it is possible.


Yes, If you don`t have an available mobile phone for this you can still install android app in your PC via Bluestacks. Bluestacks is an android emulator for PC.

Click here to download Bluestacks

After downloading it, Install it, Open Bluestacks then go to search button, Type Line in the search box then download it, Go to My Apps tab, Select Line App, then you may now register an account.


Hello“emotions your prescence who you are if you want something you will go and get it that is the way it has always been and will be and usually it will happen when you least expect it and in the most unlikeliest place ,i speak from experience.


You can register your email by going into settings where you will need to use the Email registration option. Then you can input your email and password and you will have a registered email attached to the account.


Contact your service provider about this one since they are the ones that can switch the airtime from one c line to another.



All you must do is call the carrier of the phone and find out if it is still activated.



Try this words below,

4 letters words
visa audi.


tech terms:

bot line bokep