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HOW TO TURN ON BACKLIT KEYBOARD ON ACER VN7-591G-76YS? ITS A V15 NITRO SERIES?. Are You sir & mam has that kind of query?, If yes then plz check the good soution right after below:

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This greatly depends on the make and model of your laptop. However, it is typical for a laptop to have keys located toward the top of the keyboard that when pressed in conjunction with “Fn” (if you`re using PC) will dim and/or shut off the back-light of your keyboard. For example, the key may have a little keyboard symbol with a light over it to signify that this will control the back-lighting of your keys.

Research your specific make and model laptop and find a name`s manual for the device. In there, look for anything regarding the function of your keyboard. You should easily be able to find how to turn off the back-lighting of your keys in there.



You can press and hold the fn key and then tap on to the f9 button.

The fn key is in the lower left of your keyboard and the f9 is in the upper middle of your keyboard.

You can read the manual here:


For a specific key functions on your notebook, you have to see the model for the documentation of your computer, just look the icon your computer,number of function keys or combination of number keys, makes your computer display adjust the brightness.Common key combinations include: fn+f7 and fn+f8 , or fn+f9 and fn+f10 . However, on some model you can press a key without pressing the function (fn) key; i.e. just press f2 or f3 on an Envy notebook.


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It should be turned on when you press Fn+F9 on your keyboard. If the light isn`t turned on I suggest you to contact the local Acer support center.
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To turn on the backlit keyboard, please press and hold the Function
(or the Fn key) and then press F9. That should toggle your backlit
keyboard on and off.


Maybe your power plug is not working anymore and your battery is just drained. try go to your nearest acer retailer, i pretty sure they can help you.


Backlit keyboard, ive ne had much luck with touch screens on any electronic device.


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