How to turn on post notifictaions?

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How to turn on post notifictaions?. Are You guys has that kind of query?, If do then plz get the answer right after this line:\r\n

How do u turn on post notifcations for twitter on kindle


Answers for this question:

The activity log on the right of your Facebook homepage is called the Ticker. It shows you real time updates about your friends and their activities.

There`s no way to turn the Ticker off but you can certainly hide it if it bothers you. You can hide and unhide it by clicking on the arrow icon near its top. Here`s how the arrow looks like:

It is worth noting that the Ticker stops updating if you`ve been idle for fifteen minutes. Once you are active again, it resumes updating by itself.


If you marked a post as spam, you can easily undo this by finding that post and clicking `Report/Mark as spam` again and click `Undo`.

If you think you are not getting any notifications from him, you can check this by going to his profile. Click the `Friends` panel on the right of his cover photo and see if `Get Notifications` is checked.



2 beeps on an inspiron usually indicate that the system is unable to detect any RAM. You may try to check if your RAM is properly connected or possibly defective.



If you go to the right hand corner on your Facebook, there should be an option to click on Privacy. If you scroll down there should be a choice whether to disable it. Hope this helps.


Yes if you posted on your wall it will on the top just dont spam or post it repeatedly on any group or chat to avoid spam.


No it shouldn`t do as long as you make sure the old post was deleted properly first!


I think the best thing to do is tack it back, and them know the problem.


Green is message them privately blue is post directly on the page.