How to unlock my phone which is a chery mobile Flare Lite Model:CM-10Q?

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How to unlock my phone which is a chery mobile Flare Lite Model:CM-10Q?. Do You mister or misses own that kind of query?, If yes then please found the solution below:

Please try using the phone`s manufacturer website to get the unlock code. For example T-Mobile.


If you have registered a Google account, you can input the wrong code continuously. Finally your device will let you input your Google account to unlock the pad, but if you haven’t registered a Google account, Your blocked Cherry mobile spark Tv cause of too many pattern attempts, can only be unlock by doing a Factory data reset, but by doing this, you must have back up files, because this procedure will delete all files in your mobile, including your saved photos, mp3s, video,apps, games and others.

here`s how:

>Press the power button, down button , and home button simultaneously
>wait until Spark tv logo appear,
>then release the power button, while still pressing the two buttons.
>recovery mode will appear
>then select wipe data, by using down button
>your phone will reboot


Resetting your devices if you have no email account will solve the problem, just turn off the device and hold the power button to go to recovery menu. select wipe all data and settings and wait for your phone to boot.