How to write a FIR to police for my car accident?

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How to write a FIR to police for my car accident?. Are You sir and mam own that kind of question?, If yes then please check the answer below:\r\n

FIR to police for car accident


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Yes there is. First do nothing more with the phone so the memory is not overwritten. You can do basic phone calls but nothing more. The picture is still in the memory. Next you have to select a software to use to recover these photos. There are two options reviewed here Hope this helps :)


This is a difficult answer because the answer is “reasonable” As longas they can justify the time then they can Reasonablyhold it while investigating. You can fight the time length through the court.


There`s no need to send her a letter. Just give her a call and let her know. By the time you are out of the hospital is when she will receive your letter.
I`m sure she would appreciate the phone call.


Yes they are obliged to make a report if requested in accordance with the road traffic act.


You don`t write them one. You either call or go to the station to make the report.


Sorry, but once you erase a picture you CANT get it back :( it happened to me before.


All of your rights will be mentioned when the police is stating the miranda rights.


You was scared thats why you didnt report it…that the best thing you could say.