How to write an application for transfer of posting on marriage groung?

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How to write an application for transfer of posting on marriage groung?. Do You mam and sir own that kind of uncertainty?, If yes then plz read the best answer right after this line:\r\n

Answers for this question:

It`s simple to make a letter for your leave. All you need is to be direct to the point but without disregarding the proper format of a one day leave letter.

Here`s the format:

Full Name
Address Line #1
Address Line #2 (Add your postal code)
Contact No.

Date Today (Full format, not abbreviations)

Specific Person Concerned (can be your boss or your HR manager)
Company Position
Company Name


Body of the Letter (Again, be direct to your intent, keep it concise and comprehensive)

Closing Remarks,
Printed Name with Signature

A sample letter should be like this:

Adam Levine
#235 Awesome Street
Popular, CA 72345

December 16, 2013

Christine Reyes
HR Manager
ABC Industries, Inc.

Dear Ms. Christine,

Due to some family commitments, I would like to take a one day leave on December 26th. This is due to the fact that my brother is about to get married. My presence is essential on this activity to pay respect to my brother. I would be completing my work load to day so as to keep everything on minimal when I get back. I also have Jillian to cover up my load on the said day.

I will be looking forward to your kind response.

Adam Levine

As you may notice, the body of the letter is kept direct to the point and is only consists of six sentences. When taking a leave, it is recommended to take someone on your team to cover your work load so as to keep your boss from being worried about unfinished tasks. However, if you really don`t have one, make sure you just finish everything assigned to you before or after your leave.

If your letter of request is “most unlikely” rejected, then it is proper to follow the guidelines. You can also talk to your supervisor or boss and reason out the perfect excuse for your leave.


Hello First of all, the proper spelling in this situation is “principal.”

If you know his/her name, include it in the salutation (Dear Mr. _______). If you don`t know the person, Dear Sir or Madam is correct. (But if there is any way to find out the person`s name, that always makes a better impression.)

Make the letter cordial, but brief and to the point. Introduce yourself and your child in the first paragraph. “My name is Kini Bunkport (or whatever), and I would like to enroll my daughter, Kimmy, in ____ (insert the name of the school).

In the second paragraph, explain why you want your child to attend that school, and mention any special qualities your child has that makes her a suitable student. “I`m well aware of ___ School`s fine academic reputation, and believe that Kimmy would thrive in that environment. She excels in Mathematics and Science, and is an attentive and conscientious student. I have transcripts from her previous school, and letters of recommendation from some of her former teachers that I would be pleased to submit for your perusal.

I realize that the deadline for applications has passed, but I believe that if we could discuss this matter in person, you`d agree that Kimmy should be given consideration. I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.


Obviously, this is a very general outline of a generic letter. You`d fill in your own child`s name, etc, and add any extra details that pertain to the particular school and your situation. I hope this example will give you a starting point, though. Good luck!

Marjhone Casas

If you are going to write a leave application to attend your brother`s wedding, you need to address it to your HR and you need to include when you are planning to take a leave. You also have to tell them when you will be coming back. You can make this letter as your guide in writing your own leave application.

Dear Ms. Smith,
This is to inform you that my brother is getting married on November 16, 2013 and in line with this, I need to take a leave from November 15 to 17 to be able to attend the said wedding which will be held in Los Angeles, California. I am the Maid of Honor during the wedding so I am really expected to attend my brother`s wedding ceremony.
I am hoping that you will consider my request. Thank you!
Respectfully Yours,
Arbie Bee

After drafting your own letter, you need to send it to your HR about two weeks to one month before the said date so that the company will have enough time to prepare for your leave, especially if you hold an important position within the company.


It is so generous of you to apply for a loan for your sister`s marriage. As far as I know, the company will be asking purpose for applying for a loan. In my experience, I didn`t specifically wrote down the reason, I just said it`s for “Personal Use”. So if I may suggest, you can just say in your letter that it`s for personal use. Also, make sure that you are already qualified to apply for a loan. Some companies required employees to have work experience with them for at least 2 years and that he or she has no existing loan balance. Please see example below.


HR Manager
Name of the company

Dear Mr/Mrs _____________,

Good day!

I am writing this letter to apply for a loan for personal use. I have checked the qualifications and fortunately I am qualified to apply for a loan.
Please let me know what are the requirements. I hope for your approval on this.

Thank you so much.


Your name.


You can use this format to write your leave application:

TO: Mr. Chow Lee, HR department. QWERTY Inc.
FROM: Mr. Mark Marcelo, Team Lead, QWERTY Inc.
Subject: Leave

I am writing today to request for a leave starting from February 4- February 5 2014 to attend my brother`s marriage function. Upon checking my leave credits, i still have 10 days of leave left for the year. The policy also states that i must submit a request a week before the leave. With all the necessary work done on my part as Team Lead, I will hand over my agents (for two days)to my fellow lead Ms. Josie Turner. I am hoping for your kind consideration. Thank you.


Mr. Mark Marcelo
Team Lead


Write your complete application on your topic mentioned.


Hey u can write the reason.