How to write an email to travel agency to request for travel arrangement on behalf of my boss?

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How to write an email to travel agency to request for travel arrangement on behalf of my boss?. Are You mam own that kind of question?, If do then plz get the best tips right after below:

Answers for this question:

(write the name of the head of the Immigration)
(write the address)
(write the date)

Dear Sir/ Ma`am:

Good day!

I am ( write your complete name) I am writing this letter to ask for a total computation with regards to my travel expenses as well as details of the hotel where I am going to stay. My travel will be on ( write when you are going to travel and where) You can email me all my needed details and computation at (write your email address) Or you can message me through my number 09476335934. I will be looking forward for the answer of my inquiries. Thank you so much!

(signature over printed name)


If you mean that you need to find for another agent to sell and offer your fares. You have to be specific.
1st identify what country is your target.
2nd say what is your target, for example: a travel agency for airplane ; for vacation ; for hotels.
3rd why do you need to sell or offer it into a 3rd parties if you can create your own website and get an seo expert to advertise your website.


Well I do not have any personal experience with them, however, when I visited China, I used services by agency that is considered as one of the top legitimate travel agency in the tourism industry. They truly provided a memorable experience of enjoying the exotic and untouched beauty of China.


If you are going to create a request letter to your boss it should be a formal letter.

Now, You can refer to this sample letter:

Dear Mr. Brown,
I would like to formally request to have a air travel on (date of your travel) for 3 days. It just for an important matters. Hoping for your kind consideration.

Roel cruz.


This letter is most commonly called as apology letter.

Use the normal format of writing a letter for this, then write all the things you want to explain in this letter, it must be sincere and honest, you have also to attached your medical papers/ checkups form, to prove that you are really sick during that time. thats it!

Goodluck and Get well soon!


Create a letter with your / your company introduction (where you are based, exact nature of business i.e. air ticket booking or tour packages etc., what is your customer base) , then you give precise details of what you are looking for. This should help you to get started and then you can follow up as required.


Are they logit? Did you do businnes with them?