How to write authorizetion letter for ast. com. epfo office in hindi?

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How to write authorizetion letter for ast. com. epfo office in hindi?. Do You guys has that kind of question?, If yes then plz check the best answer below this line:\r\n

Answers for this question:

Dear Sir/Madam (or you can write principal`s name),

I would like to apologize and explain the cause of my tardiness last (MM/DD/YYYY). Due to uncontrollable circumstances (explain clearly and concisely the reason for your tardiness and why you could not avoid it).

I promise not to let this happen again, if a similar incident might occur, I will immediately inform and follow proper standards and protocols.

Thank you for your kind consideration regarding this matter.





(Name of Head)
(His Position)
(Name of Company)
(Company Address)

Dear Ma`am/Sir:

I wrote this letter to request if you can format and update the office system of my computer. This is due to the reason that (Your reason).

I would really appreciate if it will be done immediately at your earliest convenience.

I hope for your kindness and consideration.

Respectfully yours,
(Your Name And Signature)


Hi! Try this: This is to request your good office to grant my request to stay in my current position in front office. I know that I am capable to do the job. I have an administrative experience that will help the company. I am a fast learner and can work with a minimal supervision. I am dependable and has a strong communication skills…NOTE: you can say all your experiences here and other skills like how good your are in computer, if you types fast etc….hope this helps.


(Your Name)


(Name of Office)
(Office Address)

To whom it may concern,

I`m an employee at (Name of company), and may I request a clearance certificate. It is needed in (reason for why you need the certificate).

Thank you for the consideration.

(Signature over printed name)


The letter must be brief, just stating who collected the amount, include some form of identification either i.d number and the amount. get it signed by the person collecting the amount and a superior someone in the office too to officiate it.


First go to yur samsung mobile site on google n then u will get the hindi language software.


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