How to write other company for pending invoice bill letter?

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How to write other company for pending invoice bill letter?. Do You mam has that kind of question?, If yes then please read the best solution right after below:

Answers for this question:

Creating a letter that want to cancel for the subscription of telephone line must be clear to the personal who will be going to received your notice.You have to give the full detail of your request.You have to tell them some of the important message that you want them to know.

You can update them on your address so that they can visit you and cancel the subscription.

Sample letter below.

(Telephone line Company)
(Address of the Company)
(Contact Details)

To Whom It May Concern,


I am Mrs.Mrs. Ilagan,I am staying in (________)(state some address of yours).I want you to know that I want to cancel my telephone lines for the reason that I am going to transfer a new house this coming month.The place is in the province so I can`t transfer my line.I want to pay also the last balance that I have in your Telephone Company.

Please provide the valid receipt for the last month and this month.I am hoping that you can understand this situation of mine.Once I decided to come back in this area,I am pretty sure that I will get again your company as my telephone line.

I will attached some of the sketch f my place,in able to locate it easily.I am willing to wait you here and discuss about my billing statement,you can still contact me in my personal mobile number XXXIX-XXX.

Thank you so much,

Yours Truly,.


This is a sample letter for you to send your previous employer requesting for your unclaimed bonus.


Your Previous Employer`s Name
Name of their Company

Dear Sir/Madam:

SUBJECT: Requesting for my Unclaimed Bonus

I am writing to humbly appeal and request for my unclaimed bonus from your company which I was employed within the (department you have worked with them for e.g Finance/Administrative) from (Date Started to Date Finished).

I would appreciate it if you could still grant my request at the address above at your most convenience.

If you require any further and significant details, please contact me back.

Very Truly Yours,
Your Printed Name

Contact Number:
Email Address:
Fax Number:.


If you are writing a letter that you request for the pending bonus to be given, you need to include supporting documents and when was the last time you receive the half payment. Make sure to write it in business format letter.

See example:

Name of manager:

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing this letter to follow up my 2nd Half bonus that was not given to me after the cut off. I would like to request for the 2nd half to be release, Since (Date of upon receive of the first half) I was informed that the second half will be given after (State the promised date).

You may check my profile and documents that i attached to this letter. Should you need confirmation, you can contact me at (Phone number and Email.)

Best regards,

Full name and signature.


Hi there thousif2290,

To write a letter of approval is just the same as writing a letter of request. What you need to do is to explain what`s the letter for and why you need an approval. See format below:

To the manager:

Dear Sir/Madam,

(Body ot the letter)

Sincerely yours,

Signature over printed name.



Request by senting the new name to the outhourased agents and the logo also.


Just complain to the office.where you are paying . r just mail to the head office.


Ummm welll u can say how u fell and how its really getting to u.


You can try to commmunicate with the manageent to allow you.


Just call the mobile company and point out there mistake.