How will i download 2go on nokia lumia620?

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How will i download 2go on nokia lumia620?. Do You guys has that kind of problem?, If yes then plz get the best solution below:\r\n

Don`t know how to download 2go on lumia620


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Unfortunately, 2go is not available to windows platform devices. Although the brand of your phone is Nokia and using windows as operating system. It will not be possible to download it unless you are using Symbian phone.

If you go to and search for 2go you would get this results:

You may get a WD 2go but this is not the same as the 2go application you want.


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Connect uopur nokia lumia 620 to internet, make sure you have sufficient space in your unit before you download, search in your web then when you get to the website simply follow directions to download. Remember to reresh after your download to configure yopur apllication.

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If you have already signed in Skype using Nokia Lumia 620 then there is no way you can sign out. You need to launch in Skype using your computer and sign out there manually.

Though, I`m not really sure to what is the real reason behind why you can`t sign out in Skype using a mobile phone.


If you are looking for the download link of Fring for your Windows phone 8, Just click the link below:



Open an email account with outlook and you will then have a Microsoft account. If you already have an old Hotmail or email account just log in with that.


You can download media files here like mp4,avi and any other movie formats. For mp3 you can download here


I would think you would probably have to a USB adapter, which will come with instructions from that point..


It would request for your telephone number.remember :give the number of the phone you are using.


It would request for your telephone number.reme.