How will I know if he received my msg through chicka?

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How will I know if he received my msg through chicka?. Do You sir has that kind of inquiry?, If yes then plz found the best solution right after below:

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Download chikka in your pc, or mobile and be sure to stay connected in the internet.
You can send sms using Gmail for free as long as it is connected to wifi. Or use viber or whatsapp by installing it in your device and register.


I have no idea why you would have gotten that letter if you haven`t done your taxes for 2012 yet. You need to call the Internal Revenue Service immediately to make sure someone didn`t steal your identity. Their contact information is in the link listed below:

VERY IMPORTANT: Call them right away to be on the safe side.


It is hard to say for sure if it is a hoax with this info. The best course of action is to contact the nearest irs office to you to verify the information. I recently had a guy that i work with who owed back taxes find out that his identity had been stolen by receiving a letter that his taxes had been paid off with his 2013 and 14 tax returns which he had not filed.


Hi, i have deleted from log a txt msg received, a txt msg sent and a call received from my HTC Wildfire. Are they stored elsewhere in phone history? I have deleted a single txt received and a single txt sent and a call received from HTC Wildfire logs. Is there another history section in the phone that could still have these stored?


The IRS uses different criteria for processing refunds, and depends on what IRS system is handling the process, what date you mailed it, if you are direct deposit or not, paper versus e-file, whether everything is correct such as social security numbers etc.


Hello you should try to call them again then tell them that it has been almost 30 days now.Tell them that you need that refund.If still doesn`t take any action go there personally then do the necessary action if possible.


My mother e-filed her as well, she was told that the people that file their early, the earliest date that they will received them will be around feb 22.


Did u try turning it off because thats what happened to mine and all i had to do was turn it off and then turn it on again.


We filed on the 20 & received it on the 30th. I`d give `em at least 3 weeks. you`ll get it.


Not an easy task, and madd illegal depending on where you are.