HP Elitebook 8540w – Excessive blinking battery light – Laptop will not power on?

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HP Elitebook 8540w – Excessive blinking battery light – Laptop will not power on?. Do You mam has this kind of problem?, If yes then plz found the answer right after below:\r\n

I have an HP Elitebook 8540w that will not turn on. I have tried battery only, battery and AC, and AC only. None worked. The only LED to flash is the battery (lightning bolt) light. This blinks possibly around 10 times then goes orange and stops blinking.


Answers for this question:

There might be a BIOS problem on your laptop. i could probably cause by an initial software that has been installed improperly that caused the over all system o experience the BLACK DEATH SCREEN syndrome. please have your Laptop be checked by a certified technician so that this will address as soon as possible.


Possible that the problem is with the computer screen only. It seems that the laptop have power still but the screen won`t turn on.

You need to check the laptop screen or get it repair. If you do not know how to check the hardware, you can contact the nearest electronic store for repair.


You may have a defective motherboard or power supply problem on your laptop.I suggest you to bring it to HP repair center or to any authorized computer repair shops and let them fix it for you.Im afraid you might need to replace some parts in there.


Hi there, I`m afraid your battery is damaged and worn out, I suggest you replace your laptop`s battery or just consult to a laptop specialist for them to help you at your battery.



It could be a board issue. What you can do now is bring it to a repair center and have it checked.



Take it to the store you bought it in and tell them you need to repair the battery.


You can hold f12 down to put it in safe mode. Then it may reboot.


It simply means that your laptop is currently working mode.