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Https:// Are You Mr or Mrs own that kind of uncertainty?, If do then plz read the good answer below this line:\r\n



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The reason why the https has a red cross on it is because you cannot change it. For instance you put it can also be type as meaning this could go both ways but a bank website cannot be on http but only on https since banks are using secured protocol. Same goes for facebook and other sites that requires log in information.


Regarding with your question, Https is crossed out when the date and time of your device is not the exactly right. I also encountered this problem in my old laptop, i always update it. Changing time and date of your laptop happened when the battery of device is too dry or when the battery for time and date is also dry. Date and time has its own battery inside your device.


You recently posted something that violates Facebook policies, so you`re temporarily blocked from using this feature.


The website encountered an error while retrieving. it may be down for maintainance or configured incorrectly. you can reload the webpage later.


Try using a different search engine such as Firefox. Google chrome may not allow you to perform certain apps.


You cannot get rid of it because it is a part of their securities.


Download another google chorme and then try again.


Account settigns > security > security browsing.


By gettting rid of it hahhah so funny.