Hwo to know net balance in intetx wifi dongel with airtel sim?

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Hwo to know net balance in intetx wifi dongel with airtel sim?. Are You Mrs or Mr own this kind of uncertainty?, If yes then please read the answer right after this line:\r\n

I have intex wifi dongel and sim is airtle how to check net balance my net


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Dial *123*11#.


Hi there, if you want to know how to connect dongle to tablets, please follow this steps, Connect one end of the mini 2 USB of the OTG wire provided to the P300 port of your tablet.Plug the other end of the OTG wire to the USB dongle.Once you complete this step, the connection will be configured and you will get a notification regarding the same. If automatic configuration does not take place, then proceed with the following steps: From the main Menu option select Settings -> More -> Mobile Networks -> Check if the “DATA Enable” option is selected or not. If it is not, then TAP on it.Then choose the appropriate APN name.. for more info visit this link: .


You have to connect to other wifi or lan. Then update the package. As you plugin its dongle, its network connection would display enable mobile broadband. You have to choose edit connections. Mobile broadband. Then you add the country. And the operator. You also have to put correctly the dongle into usb port.


If the modem is unlocked then you can but if not then you will need to call MTS customer service and ask them if they can unlock the modem for you so that you can use it for other network carrier like tata docomo. Once they unlock the USB modem then that is the time you can use the modem for a different SIM card.


You can try opera mini or any other browser but first download the browser setup then install on your device after this go to applications on your phone menu then select for eg operamini.


You can check it on Idea home page , when you connect it with your pc.. IDEA home page Gets open.. there u can check it out.


Hi Just plug it and play. (If that supports your stick and if it has a USB port to support it)


As of right now there arent any free connections,but if am to find a way,i`ll let u know.


Go new message then type Mbal and send to 55333.


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