I am sagitarius girl,my taurus male and i are in a relation since 5 yrs,beginning 3 yrs our relation was sailing smooth?

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I am sagitarius girl,my taurus male and i are in a relation since 5 yrs,beginning 3 yrs our relation was sailing smooth?. Do You Mr or Mrs has that kind of problem?, If do then plz get the best feedback below this line:

But now my taurus male acts very strange,he becomes very stubborn to answer anything asked,he has started giving more importance to his frnds,he talks to rudely,he dse not think before he speaks and hurts my feelings now and then,he never accepts his mistake,ignores me when i call him to ask how is he? i till today gave him the freedom to live how he wants but in return he never gave enough love,all this nature wasnt before,i tried speaking to him about my feelings of his strange behaviour towards him politely, but he takes every thing for granted.i dnt understand how long i have to walk on the eggshells,i really love him alot, plz help……..


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Start slow, just talk to her chit chat and, give her some compliments.. the most important thing is to make her smile/laugh.. that will indicate if she is fond of you.. then invite her to a “friendly”cup of coffee or something that she likes.. (ask her what does she like to do in free time) or whatever..

Then with time you will see if she is the one for you and if she likes you.. Anyway you might as well put a piece to her head and say.. GO OUT WITH ME OR ILL BLOW YOUR BRAINS OUT!! XD.


Try to divert your attention to someone or find somebody else as it is not very good to wreck a relationship if you will pursue her.

Seek friends` and family support, try to be active in sports or any activity that you like the most to divert your attention. Your studies is the best outlet, read a lot and concentrate on studying. Someone right will come along, just be patient.

Good luck!


Is she already seeing you in a romantic way? If so, it should happen naturally….start with passionate kissing and then see how she reacts to little thing like putting your hand up her top…take baby steps; each time you see her proceed further. and see how comfortable she is with you.


Best advice I can give you is be yourself….try to show your best qualities while being sweet and showing interest and listening to the other person,.


Well, sorry i can`t answer your question because i don`t know about that so i`m so sorry maybe another day.


Just go and tell her how i feel..its either she likes you or she doesn`t but atleast you tried.


You can foung her everywhere in the perfect time and place be sure she is a girl…….


Leo man should take the lead…Leo wants to be boss.


He is still thinking. I know because I used to be that guy.