I am unable to hear sound while i play video on youtube via bluestacks?

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I am unable to hear sound while i play video on youtube via bluestacks?. Do You sir & mam own this kind of uncertainty?, If yes then plz found the best solution below this line:

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It is possible that your TV don`t have the correct audio codec for mpeg file. The best thing to try is to convert it in different format. You can try to convert the video file in .mp4 format and try to play it again on your TV.

You can try to use any video converter which you can download here :


This is happening because when using whatsapp on your computer understand that the application was not made for the computer that you are using through bluestacks. Also th only way that you will be able to try to configure this setting will be by adjusting the volume on your computer but if it doesn`t work understand you are not the only person that is going through this problem.


If you hear him clearly but he doesn`t hear you well,then probably the problem is in his part,so ask him to check the setting,then volume if its in the place.

Then if everything is set then you can ask him and try to start the call again just to test if its working already.


You have to watch in on youtube. I had to same problem. sometimes its not working on facebook. So you have to look it up on youtube and watch it there :)


Go to tool, then option,then audio settings,make sure your microphone, volume, and speaker is at the required level and you can also make a free test call.


Check the audio settings of your phone. You can click on the side buttons to increase the volume.



I think you have to use xilisoft youtube video downloaoder.


It may due to low network and due to interference.


It died and went to video heaven..