I called this person . but the operator saide `the number you have dialed is engaged` whats the meaning?

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I called this person . but the operator saide `the number you have dialed is engaged` whats the meaning?. Are You guys has this kind of uncertainty?, If yes then please found the best solution below this line:

I dont know what is the meaning behind the word `the number that you have dialed is engaged


Answers for this question:

It could be that the number is no longer valid or no longer working. Try to call the same number using other person`s number. If still the same, then that number you`re trying to call is invalid and might have expired. Try to make sure that when you dial, you see all numbers dialled correctly and properly.


This means the number is not in service at the moment, meaning the number could eventually be used in the future but is currently not in service by the person you are trying to reach.


Try to check your location and if there`s an area code try to edit it with the contact number you wish to contact. if not, the name might deactivated his/her mobile number.


It can mean many things. Either the phone service is disconnected or they are in a bad service area where they can`t get the call.



I experienced the same thing. It happens when a number is no longer in use or already deactivated by the service provider. ^_^.


It means that ither the number is changed or that there calling or using there phone to talk to someone else.


Maybe your number code that you use is incorrect or there`s a missing number.try to recheck the number.


Because if your out of network coverage or that person has diverted all calls to other number so thats it.


The person line must be busy( get another call in progress)


The phone must be turn off or out of his coverage* area.






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