I can`t get netflix to run on my TV. It says "Software Update Failed"?

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I can`t get netflix to run on my TV. It says "Software Update Failed"?. Are You Mrs or Mr has that kind of problem?, If yes then please get the answer below:

Youtube, Pandora, and other internet apps run OK. I`m using a Toshiba Blu Ray Player on a Toshiba TV. It worked OK as of Last Thur, but has not worked since.


Answers for this question:

You might have been into a phishing website. A phishing website (fake) contains harmful java scripts that alters your system`s configuration. Try these few steps in fixing it:

1st Method
1. Uninstall the java of your computer.
2. After uninstalling, run a registry fix or cleaner.
3. Restart computer and install the latest java from their official website.

2nd Method
1. Run a full system check.
– Update first your antivirus to download all the latest virus database from their official page then run a full antivirus scan to your pc.
– Run also a full registry check on your pc.
– Or try the `Advance System Care Pro” software.

3rd Method
– Try restoring your computer to the previous date before the problem occurred. For a complete tutorial, try this link:

4th Method
– Try the online full pc scanner.
This is their official webpage:

The above website will check your computer`s total well being including java scripts problems within a minute.


Most likely this phone is from SKT and you just unlocked it. Well if that is the case then you cannot update the phone unless you will put an SKT sim card on it. Well I suggest you do not update if that is the case. There is a tendency that the phone will be locked again to the original provider if you update it. Well that is just a tendency but its not worth the risk. Just the phone being usable would be good enough I guess.


Make sure you have wifi or wired internet set up in the hotel room and connected to the roku box. also ask the manager if they allow netflix streaming with their wifi usage.


Easiest option is to re-install your Whatsapp, because you might have run into a harmful site.


I found a simple way to record video from webcam .


You can simply go to whatsup website and download the new version from there.


You may have “Auto correct” switched on.






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