I can`t logout from my tikona broadband?

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I can`t logout from my tikona broadband?. Do You Mrs or Mr own this kind of concern?, If do then plz read the answer below this line:\r\n

Logout webpage is not opening, on entering is just showing nothing, a blank page appears


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Hi ,

Tikona Digital Network or simply Tikona which is an internet service provider in India base in Mumbai. Being a Wireless Internet Provider also known as WISP is not advisable or is not the best solution in connecting to XBOX live. Not only you, but many have reported difficulty in connecting to XBOX live using Tikona. You could opt to use other service provider if possible but stay away from wireless internet provider if your main purpose is for gaming i.e. XBOX live. Another option is to try to use a router in connecting your XBOX thru internet, This will make your configuration on XBOX more simplified as it is connecting with the router and not directly thru Tikona. If you have a wireless router you could also connect your laptop by WIFI then make a bridge connection between the wireless connection in your laptop and the wired connection. Then you could connect your XBOX to the wired connection of your laptop, the disadvantage of this is you cannot use your laptops internet while using the XBOX. To make a bridge connection just highlight your wireless connection and your wired connection then right click select make a bridge connection. All the setting should be automatic.

Hope this helps and if you have other concerns , feel free to post your question and I will be happy to help you as best as I can. Thanks and have a great day.


Did you format or remove some software on your laptop? You need to check your computer`s registry maybe there are some errors on your installation. Try to install the related software and drivers for your broadband again.


No ISP will give you any security guarantees. Go for performance (fibre optic of course) and customer service. Check download speeds on comparison sites. But sort out your own security.


Go to wifi option and say search, once the wifi instrument tikona is found, it may or may not ask the pin if asks enter the pin# and accept the connection. you should be good there after.


Just open a new window nd browse on ur history.. :)… there you will find the windwo which yu closed accidently.. :)


Please tell me how to configure setting in d link connection.