I did the software update on my Samsung Galaxy s5 mini but now my contact list says updating and has done for three hours?

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I did the software update on my Samsung Galaxy s5 mini but now my contact list says updating and has done for three hours?. Are You Mrs or Mr own this kind of question?, If do then plz check the answer below:\r\n

Can`t see contact list after update


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Power cycle the device by powering it off remove the battery let it stay for 30 seconds then put it back. Power it on and see if it still doing the same thing. The screen turns off right away because the screen time out might have been set to 5 seconds. Go to settings by going to all apps page then tap the settings icon and scroll down to screen/display then select screen time out. An option screen will appear that lets you choose the minutes for the screen to turn off. You may select 2 minutes or higher for the screen to stay on longer while you are looking for something. The menu can be found after you tap the apps icon, the apps icon has plenty of square dots. Tap apps icon and you will be directed to all applications page. The keyboard will only appear when you are texting, emailing and making a phone call. If you want to configure the keyboard go to settings by tapping all apps then scroll down to language and keyboard then input. Under input you may select the keyboard style that you want.


Resetting your phone sometimes fix this error but if its not better uninstall and reinstall whatsapp to fix the error . I suugest you forward your contacts to your email first because if you will reinstall whats app it can not save your contacts. then your ready to download new version of whatsapp.


If you have made a back up previously on a computer. You can recover the lost contacts that way .

If the contacts has been deleted in someway after the update. Unfortunately that cannot be retrieve.

Even if you contact Nokia, it can`t be of help.


Hi wizzy, have you tried restarting your phone? Often your device can get stuck but resetting your phone should mean that if you update your contact list, it will finish quite quickly. I hope this helps.


On ur contact list u cld copy all numbers to sim so when u put in the next phone it would be their or u cld send the v-cards with all the data.U would see send v-card in Phone book options.


Settings>accounts and sync>delete the facebook account


Then contact to your service provider.


Company can transfer.






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